Is it ca-ra-mel?

I have a solid block of caramel and would really like it to soften just a tad so I could cut it. I took it out of the fridge a few minutes ago and went from amazed that it had hardened, to unsure of how to get it out of the loaf pan, to panicked that it was completely solid. Not soft and chewy solid, but solid to the point where you might just stick the whole thing in your mouth and gum at it for a while.

Let me back up. We spent the long weekend playing with the cats, cleaning, and playing a lot of Mariokart on the Wii. Justin is actually still alternating between celebrating over rounds of the game versus cursing at it. I wanted to do something for the wedding since it feels like each day I get some sort of “Only X days left! You have 3,256 things left to do!” emails. Last week I ordered yarn for the decorations and flower replacements, but am still waiting for them to come in. My sister-in-law had made caramels as a favor at their wedding and I always thought how it was a great idea. I asked her for a candy thermometer and decided to try my hand.

And now I’m stuck. tempted to put the whole block into the oven for a few minutes just to heat it up, or maybe let it sit out on the counter a while longer and see if anything will happen. It just goes to show how much of cooking is simply an experiment.


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Writing, cooking, and eating in Brooklyn.
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