The food decisions

It was a crazy weekend. I don’t even know how to describe fitting meeting all of our vendors (and two spares!) in two days. Each time we met someone new, we had to give our story again. While it was easy with the photographer we didn’t hire (as she didn’t seem that interested in us, so we didn’t have to volunteer a lot of information), it was harder with others, like the officiant. She wasn’t satisfied with simple questions asking us how we met, but also wanted to know if it was fate, or simply coincidence. She stumped us.

Our first visit to a caterer went really well, but we were a bit disappointed with the menu. With each meeting, we became more and more like experts – realizing what questions to ask, what was important to us, and creating a vision for the day. While we were excited to have a full service caterer, we were a bit apprehensive about inviting everyone to enjoy a vegan meal which would entail two different stuffed vegetables as the main entree. It seems like a standard go-to meal for non-vegetarians and non-vegans, but stuffed tomatoes, mushrooms, and even peppers are something that we rarely eat. As an aside – Justin famously made me stuffed acorn squash on our second date, and I showed up not hungry and had to take them home to eat later.

The last appointment we had was with a restaurant which is just coming out from a re-opening/new concept redesign. Any sort of apprehension we had about hiring a restaurant (we thought we would be responsible for finding linens, bartenders, wine, etc) was immediately allayed when our contact told us that they would do full-service for us. A little while later, we sat down to eat a late lunch – a meal that I’ve been raving about to my friends and family since. The food is the type that I would feel proud to share with our family and friends, and not like some discarded menu item. Phrases such as “pistachio encrusted tofu” and “braised seitan” were thrown at us. I ate a pickled brussel sprout! I know that it will be hard to convince some people that a vegan wedding can be delicious, but knowing that we have great food will make it easier.  I think that trying to sell someone on a stuffed tomato would have been met with lukewarm enthusiasm, but telling them that we might have pumpkin chips as an appetizer sounds fun and tasty. So that’s where we are. We have a cake flavor and a theoretical dinner menu. We’ll see what veggies are available in October and I’m sure we’ll have a concrete menu then.


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