Brussel Sprouts

I always felt like this space was only for my French cooking experiment, and felt that if I wasn’t doing something directly related to the project, that I shouldn’t be writing about it. Or that every post should somehow be related to it. Maybe that was an excuse to stop writing.

Food is a daily part of my life – in a more deliberate way than it is for other people. And even when I’m just making pasta with veggies and frozen fake meat, that’s still worth writing about. Well, maybe not that simply put, but there is more to food than simply this project. So I’d like to take a moment to say that while today I’m not cooking for my project, and that I haven’t found time to work on the project (aside from rescuing a really awesome old French cooking for teenagers book off the sidewalk), that tonight I am cooking. I found a recipe for brussel sprouts with shallots and mustard seed – and am sub’ing out the shallots for onions and will be adding some broccoli to it, and will be serving that next to a veggie burger with pesto on it. It doesn’t advance my project, but it doesn’t need to. I think the project is about recognizing the desire to cook, and to learn more about food so that every day I can find something new to make.

So maybe this is the new project. Cooking and living.


About Ania K

Writing, cooking, and eating in Brooklyn.
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