Spectacular Pie

The pie. The pie was amazing. It was amazing in that despite some funny mishaps along the way, I still ended up with a delicious pie. Maybe my “problem-solving” skills are present in all areas of life – not just at work! After I had the dough in the fridge, I started on the filling. I tried to do about a 50-50 split of rhubarb and strawberries, but didn’t have enough rhubarb. I added a few extra strawberries to even it out. The recipe didn’t call for much more than that – a little bit of sugar, some lemon zest, and that was it.

I employ the garbage bowl to make life easier!

We had run out of saran wrap, so the pie dough was in wax paper. I do not recommend this to anyone. There was a moment where I had to peel off some wax off of the pie. I rolled it out with a wine bottle, placed one half of it in the pie dish. Then the filling, then the other half.

Now here is where it got a bit tricky. I have never made a pie like this before. Two crusts? Filling? Perforations in the top? Crimped edges? This is what I ended up with before it went into the oven. I’m quite pleased!

I hesitated for a few minutes wondering how to do the perforations in the top, when Justin reminded me that I could just do four slits angling from the center – like in the cartoons. I’m certain that my “crimping” method was less than professional, but for a first time go, I think that it came out well. I stuck it into the oven for 30 minutes, at which point I had to take it out because the edges were on their way to blackening.

It might have seemed that the blackened edges were a bad thing, but in reality it turns out that it was just delicious caramelized juice that was crunchy (and a little black). The other issue was that our oven was less than clean. I was living in denial for the past few weeks and had started to consider fanning the smoke alarm and running to open a window as part of my cross-training program.

What this pie photo doesn’t show is that once you cut into it, it’s clear that the juices hadn’t finished cooking off. Justin and I shared a juicy piece of pie, and then I decided to put it back into the oven. Not even five minutes later I was running my loop, turning a fan on, getting very flustered, and seriously annoyed with our oven. I took the pie back out, spooned the juice out into a glass (which I later drank with some vodka), and all was fine.

That is, except for the oven. We let the oven cool off and finally decided to clean it. I had been ignoring the broiler, and whatever else had leaked onto the bottom of the oven. I have to thank Google for giving us the tip to put some salt over the baked on stuff, and it all cleaned up really well. We’ve even been able to use the oven a few times since then without issue.

The pie itself managed to last a few days (due to another dinner obligation where we were fed an amazing carrot cake). And any issue of extra juice disappeared after spending a night in the fridge.

And finally, this weekend I insisted on buying more rhubarb. I’m not sure if I’ll have time to get around to it until later in the week, but I am really looking forward to trying the pie dough again (and this time weighing the flour) to see if I can replicate this.


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2 Responses to Spectacular Pie

  1. Mmmm vegan rhubard pie! ❤

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