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Most of my friends (and family) know how much I love Google Reader. I’ve been using it for a few years now to get through tech news, miscellaneous news (e.g. CuteOverload), and cooking blogs in a quick way.  One of the great aspects of using the reader is that I’ve been able to organize all of my cooking blogs into one place. It’s been great to sift through recipes – when I want to make cookies or something general like that.

The NYTimes just had an article about creating a recipe database, and the best apps for it. While my reader isn’t an “app” that I can plug my shopping list into, or pull a shopping list from – I am able to quickly find a list of recipes based off of one or two ingredients. Vegan pasta primavera? No problem. Want lentil sloppy joe’s? Great!

But when I do need something that can be based off what is currently in our pantry, I’ve been using It’s a great way to rifle through some recipes using just a few ingredients, and also lets me find some new food blogs while doing it. The other night I wanted to make something with our sweet potatoes and was quickly able to find a great recipe for sweet potato fries (just add sugar, oil, salt, pepper, and chili powder). Easy and delicious!

While I like that Gojee lets me find something new to cook in a quick way – I get frustrated when it’s not all vegan (or easily converted). It’s come in handy when I’m trying to avoid another grocery run – and want to figure out how to combine beans, sauces, quinoa, and random vegetables (it doesn’t sound so hard when I type it like that – but sometimes inspiration is lacking!). But when I want a vegan pie recipe – I’ve found that it’s easiest to go into my reader and search by ingredient or recipe.

I’ve made my Vegan folder in GoogleReader public before, but wanted to share it here again in case anyone was looking for a good starting point for vegan recipes. I hope that it helps you as much as it has helped me these past few years.


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