Canning for the Wedding

I have been avoiding the great canning project. I picked up all of the jars a few weeks ago and keep seeing good fruits at the market, but I can’t seem to commit to any one item yet. I know that time is running out, so I finally started to look at the canning blogs to get an idea of what I could make easily (and without breaking the bank). This coming weekend looks fairly full, but I’m hoping that I can fit in some sort of apple jam. Marisa, over at Food in Jars has a great recipe for Honey Lemon Apple jam that I can’t wait to try. Her recipe makes 7 pint jars, so this might be a great way to get a dent into the canning for the wedding.

With each passing day I get more excited about the wedding, and a bit more tired of the planning. I wonder if wedding fatigue is a real syndrome – if so, I’m definitely afflicted. As exciting it was to get the big details settled, the marathon aspect to the planning makes it tedious. The decisions about the caterer or the venue seem easy compared to deciding which seating chart to use. There’s a delicate balance between wanting to simply celebrate our relationship versus making sure we have napkins and people can find their seats. And yet I know that at the end of this, that we will be stronger for having endured this and hopefully planned a great party for our families and friends.

I know that this is a feeling that won’t go away in the next four months, and I appreciate it for what it is. I think the process of planning and learning to communicate is really important. While two weeks ago I was a lot more anxious, now I feel ready to jump in and start making things. Or at least making lists of things to make. And I think to start I need to start with what I know best – food. Which means confirming the cake order and starting to process jars.


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