Racing and a desperate need to pee

I spent most of Saturday feeling very satisfied and a bit tired. The race went as well as I could have wanted. We got to Central Park a little early, so I had 45min to hang around. Justin dropped me off and went to park the car. I didn’t have a watch or phone on me, so I just stood there watching everyone filter in. Somewhere in there I realized that I sort of had to pee. By the time the announcers finished telling us how we were running for all women and a lot of other wonderful things, I really had to pee. I tore off in the first mile in a sub 10min mile and had to immediately stop at the first port-a-potty so that I could pee.

Me and everyone else in the race. There were five women in front of me waiting, and the line kept growing longer. But I waited patiently and got to take in the view of a long stream of runners still getting through the starting line. I guessed at my pace (subtracting about 5 minutes for the pee break) and really enjoyed the rest of the run. Central Park was great to run in – I never did a lot of training there, but I feel that all of my running in Prospect Park prepared me for the hills.

I spent the day after the race feeling a sense of accomplishment. I realized that instead of just stuttering through spring training, I was able to focus on a goal that kept me motivated. It’s hard to stay in the moment when it comes to training – had I had my HRM on, I’m sure I would have felt more anxious over my times and fitness. Instead I was able to run ‘happy’ – albeit, with plenty of cursing at various hills and days when I just plain didn’t feel like running.

And for the first time I don’t find myself comparing myself to how I used to be able to run faster or longer. Instead I took two days off from running and found myself looking forward to today’s early morning run and the ones to come after.


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One Response to Racing and a desperate need to pee

  1. Those lines for the port-a-potties are killer during races! I’ve seen some that wrap around. But I’m glad you didn’t let that mild annoyance get to you and were still able to have a great race!

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