Cooking for One

The weekends have turned into downtime from cooking for me recently. Justin has picked up the cooking responsibilities the past few weeks, so I’ve been demoted to dish duty. While he might argue that he’s not as skilled as me, he has been making some mean tacos. I wish I had paused to take a photo, but it was too delicious to waste time taking photographs.

This week apart with him at a Dartmouth made me realize that I never really learned how to cook for myself. I spent some time trying to figure out what I ate before we met – and most if it was simply functional. I’d often buy ramen noodles to cook, along with a vegetable or two and some tofu – and I’d leave it at that. Something simple and easy to cook, and I found that the ramen packets made it easy to portion for just myself.

One meal that I have been missing has been overnight oats. Part of the appeal to it was that I would freeze bananas the night before, and then blend one. I never had to add anything else to it and it would taste a bit like frozen yogurt – which was great after a run in the hot summer morning. The apartment I was living in at the time had this great miniature food processor that by the end of a summer of my roommate and I abusing it for various projects, died. It was the perfect size for pureeing a frozen banana – something I’m not sure the Magic Bullet could easily handle.

Instead of the oats, I’m having shakes again more regularly. We are trying out a detox system at the moment – which seems to be similar to the Vega Whole Health Optimizer, but it’s separated into separate powders and pills. I think after we’re doing with this experiment, I’ll be going back to the Vega.

I have spent some time this week thinking about my nutrition and fitness. I’ve been trying to sort out why running has been so hard for me – and why after a few months of steady running, I feel like I’m still at square one. I did a 4mi run today, and found myself having to stop regularly to catch my breath. I think it’s time to go to the doctor and get a new inhaler, as that seems to be the main component that’s been missing from my life. Two years ago when I was training for the half-marathon, I was on a corticosteroid for a period of time, along with an emergency inhaler. I spent more time couching and wheezing on my runs then which is why I think I’ve taken this long to realize that maybe it’s my asthma that’s holding me back. After all, I feel like overall I’m eating the best nutritionally that I ever have been.

And so that I don’t forget that I do like to write about cooking – here is my favorite ramen recipe that I loosely follow. I made this a few times over the winter, following the recipe fairly closely, but now I add the miso and soy sauce (have forgotten to buy mirin on many occassions!) to taste and use whatever veggies I have on hand. The original is from Veganomicon, and it’s a book I cannot recommend enough.


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