Perpetual Change

One of the things that I’ve been hesitant to really delve into has been my actual diet these past few weeks and how it has been changing. I’d like to dwell more on the vegetable-eating portion of it, but there has been a significant change recently. I haven’t wanted to write about it yet, because I’m not sure what it means for me in terms of cooking and the remains of this original project.

I do know that it means that I’m treading in gray water mentally. On the one hand, I still value the things that made me choose a vegan diet, and on the other hand I feel comfortable eating the dairy and eggs that we have been eating. For once in my life, I feel as though I’m holding contradicting opinions and am still able to exist peacefully.

Our diet hasn’t changed that drastically. Two months ago we dared to buy a carton of eggs from the farmer’s market after doing a lot of research. Somehow we came to the conclusion that these hens are happy. So we bought. And we ate. So far Justin has been in charge of cooking the eggs, but I’m sure I’ll jump back into it. Some more time went by and we did more reading and bought some ice cream. And then some cheese.

But we still eat a lot of vegan food. The cheese is sort of a garnish that enters our life sporadically. And then not so sporadically when I decided that we needed to finish the bread we had and made grilled cheese sandwiches. We’re still eating vegan tacos – that might have a sliver of something on them.

In a moment of comedy, we were at a family dinner and offered both vegan and non-vegan ice cream (both from the amazing creamery near our apartment – and what was ultimately our first dairy treat) and told that there was no judgement at the table. We passed that night, but a week later I was eating strawberries and cream ice-cream at Ample Hills. And if you’re ever in Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, I highly recommend them. Even if you just want their dark chocolate vegan ice-cream!


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2 Responses to Perpetual Change

  1. Diet changes are big and can be personal. Do what’s best for you. I only buy farm fresh eggs now, thank you farmer’s market and organic. Any creamery near me would be in serious trouble.

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