A Growing Army of Jam

Summer is in full swing. I finally started canning. Last weekend I made a basic pickled beet recipe – mostly to get back into the swing of canning, but also because I wasn’t sure what I should be canning for the wedding. I took this past week to really think about what was in season (peaches, some other berries) and plan accordingly. I had made a simple peach jam last year that tasted great and was fairly easy to make. I got to the farmer’s market armed with lots of cash and left with about 5lbs of very ripe peaches.

When I made this recipe last year, it was further into the summer and the peaches I had weren’t tree-ripened. The first step of making peach jam is to remove the skins and pit the peaches. I boiled those peaches for much longer than the recommended 2 minutes and still struggled to get the skins off. This time around the peaches were so ripe that I was able to peel them just with my fingers without boiling them at all. But it still takes a really long time to peel that many peaches. I really like the recipe (am using Canning for a New Generation) as it doesn’t require pectin.

In the end I was able to make enough for 20 jelly jars, leaving about 60 more to go. With these last weeks before the wedding, I’ll have to brainstorm over a fun name for the jam.


About Ania K

Writing, cooking, and eating in Brooklyn.
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