Road Trip

Each year it seems that our lives become full of anniversaries – commemorating events that had passed us already. This year will be full of them – with our wedding date become memorialized, and also other dates, like our first date or our engagement date. It seems like it was days ago that Justin surprised me in our kitchen, my hair still sopping wet and a coffee pot in one hand. And yet its’ been more than 9 months.

While it’s not an anniversary, we recently passed the 3 month countdown for the wedding. Instead of dwelling on any plans that needed to be finalized, we took the time to go upstate and visit with friends. The drive was beautiful, and we spent most of the time in the car alternating between NPR and podcasts (also by NPR at times). In our little car, I felt like the biggest yipster, especially when we stopped to get some local, organic sandwiches.

And so it went. We drove up a mountain. We drove to a lake. We acted like big tourists and spent more on olive oil than I could ever imagined. And we ate some really great food. Saratoga has the benefit of have some Brooklyn-esque aspects to it (hello, there’s a store dedicated to olive oil!) without being stuck in the middle of a huge city. When we arrived there we immediately headed to Four Seasons Natural Food Cafe for lunch. They have a buffet that’s all vegan, and even have kombucha on tap! We continued our vegan food tour (although not really) at Karma Road where we both had a tempeh bacon, tofu scramble, and avocado sandwich.

And so the three month countdown came and went quietly – drowned out by the sound of Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich telling us about famous tumors. We ended our trip with our bellies full, skin a bit tanner, and a little bit less anxious thanks to a lot of fresh air.


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One Response to Road Trip

  1. Christina says:

    3 months will go by FAST! We are about 10 days from our wedding! Eeek!

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