Here Comes… a walk?

There is no denying it now. We are less than two months out from the big day. Maybe I’m not doing it enough justice and it should read: Big Day, in all caps, maybe glowing, but I’m not that skilled with HTML. The other night we argued whether we were closer to the anniversary of us moving to Brooklyn or our wedding. Neither of us interested in doing the math though, so I think we both went on assuming that the other one was wrong.

Last year there was an article in the Wall Streeth Journal about the benefits of taking walks as a couple, especially after having kids. A lot of what Petersen talks about in “Here Comes Baby, There Goes the Marriage” stuck with me, despite the fact that we don’t even have kids. Talking walks and using them as a means to communicate is suggested as a way to handle the tough conversations that you have as a couple.

Maybe it’s not because of the article, but we do take walks. It definitely helps to not be sitting across a table from each other at dinner, or at a bar, staring at each other while we try to discuss how to combine finances. And when Justin got back from his bachelor party weekend, we went for a walk and talked about the planning and where we felt with regards to our “readiness” for the wedding. While neither of us suggested the walk as a means to have a conversation, it was easier to dive into reflections from the weekend without having a staring contest.

During these ten months we’ve discussed everything from name changes, dietary choices, our religious and spiritual beliefs, and more. We’ve learned how to navigate our own families and our new families – and thankfully, we’ve both been embraced by both. When I think about our planning journey, I know that none of this would have happened without the support of everyone around us.

And so that night we walked, side by side, and stopped for ice cream. We joked about eloping (to any family members reading this, don’t worry!), and then talked about how grateful we are to be on this journey together.


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