A season of jam, finished!

Wedding blogs have (for the most part) done nothing but inspire me to craft or spend insane amounts of money on inane items. The only thing I have crafted has been the jam. And I can’t seem to wrap my head around some of these items.

You’re able to print a custom message on a candy bag, that I can then insert my DIY printed (complete with a background print on it done with an eraser stamp) programs inside of? Awe-some. I get ready to print out the instructions, find an exacto-knife, and get my credit card ready, until I remember that this doesn’t really suit my schedule or style. The DIY craze sells this idea of how much work you should be doing for an event like this – but it doesn’t really suit me (although the straws with ribbon attached to them are really cute).

Early on I came to terms with the fact that this would not be a DIY wedding. Immediately after the engagement I made these little cards to ask my girls to be bridesmaids, but I never sent them out. Later on, I spent a few hours making yarn pom-pom’s which are now being used as cat toys. Instead of any of these projects, I chose to make jam. Lots of it.

So much jam that I don’t really want to eat any more jam at this point. On Sunday I hit a low point and got extremely frustrated with the process. The peaches I had gotten for this last batch were not just not tree ripened, but also not ripe. One of them was – and molded overnight so I had to toss it. But the rest I was able to boil for EIGHT minutes in an attempt to get the skin to peel off easily.

It did not. I resorted to a vegetable peeler. In the end, I finished the jam and even ended up with three extra half-pints. One of them didn’t seal properly so I stuck it in the fridge and we’re not eating it with yogurt and granola.

Here is what 72 jelly jars of peach jam look like. Making this jam is probably how I will think of the wedding planning in the end – easy at first, required some logistical planning, and then just absolutely miserable at the end. Ok, maybe the wedding planning won’t be miserable at the end – but there was a feeling of just wanting to be done with it, and relief that it was over. I look forward to the day we get married and celebrate with our friends and family. And I will be happy that I won’t ever have to think about a bouquet-alternative or contemplate buying a glue gun.

Peach Jam

The leaning tower of jam.


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