How to follow instructions – sort of

I am going to ignore the four or five posts I have pending that talk more about the wedding. The main point that all of them revolve around is the fact that there is less than a month left of planning – and as I liked to remind Justin, we only have two weekends left. Instead I want to talk about cooking.

I have never poached an egg before. The closest I ever came to seeing a poached egg was when I was living off of the 36th Avenue stop in Astoria. One of my roommates and her boyfriend were trying to make them and, if I recall correctly, were having a really hard time with it. I wasn’t eating eggs back then so I didn’t pay that much attention to it.

There are a few things that come into play when I decided to try my hand at it. We had made it to the farmer’s market yesterday, so I had fresh eggs on hand. I also have a large basil plant that is producing enough basil to eat for weeks – and I feel awful not making use of it more often. While I tried to put into Gojee that I wanted an egg, and clearly listed my pesto ingredients – it came up short. Instead I decided to make pesto with squash (green and yellow), pasta, and then to make it a bit more interesting – adding a poached egg on top. As a side note – I made the pesto using walnuts and have decided that pine nuts really aren’t necessary for a pesto. I omitted the cheese, just using four large cloves of garlic – and it came out tasting great (albeit my breath was a little potent).

As for the key feature – the poached egg, I struggled. I read through some instructions, including those on smitten kitchen – and followed to the best of my ability. The first egg (the one which I ate, being a good chef and giving the better one to my partner) came out terribly. I think the issue is that she writes to stir the water (after adding the vinegar) with a spatula (or whatever). I used the spatula and my water whirled in a strange pattern, I think making it harder for the egg white to wrap around the yolk. On the second try I used a regular spoon and the egg was perfect.

The very obvious learning curve. I ate the mangled one.

As for the dinner – that turned out great too. I woke up this morning considering more poached eggs, but decided to stay on the high note of having a .500 average.


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