This is me not talking about the wedding

I started a few posts this week with complete determination to hit “publish” by the end of the day. I’m fairly certain that two of these are open as tabs on my work computer right now. I hope IT isn’t looking. I didn’t succeed in either way.

It’s hard to sum up how these past few weeks feel. On the one hand, I’m so excited and cannot believe that we’re getting married in less than two weeks. On the other hand, I’m feeling some anxiety at the thought of the small projects that need finishing and how it will all come together. I realize that at some point in the next 10 days I will have to surrender myself to the universe, but right now I can have some anxiety.

Sometimes our schedules during the week make me feel like we’re both orbiting around the same planet, destined to never intersect. I like to go to bed really early, but sometimes Justin would like to see another inning of the Mets game. But by the time the weekend comes along, I trust that we will be able to fall back into a routine. Every Saturday, without fail, we will walk to the farmer’s market. Of course, there are extenuating circumstances – like when I was at work on a Saturday for 11 hours, and had to carry 12 cups of coffee back from a Starbucks.

That walk to the market and back is a time to decompress and catch-up, make up for all of the missing time from the week. The market is the prelude to the best part of the week – the cooking. Each week I get to ogle at new produce – be it trays full of heirloom tomatoes, piles of beets, and so many varieties of apples I don’t even know where to start. I am still avoiding peaches – I trust it will be next spring before I even consider picking one up.

After last week’s success with poached eggs, I decided to try to replicate the results for friends last night. I decided on a curried lentil spinach soup with bread and the eggs on the side. I didn’t get an early enough start to the poached eggs, so I didn’t have them ready to just be reheated and instead made them to order for everyone. While I didn’t have a 100% success rate, I ended up closer to 80%. The cheesy flavor of the egg helped to mellow out the spicy soup. I don’t have any photos from the evening and I’d like to think that it was because we were too busy eating, drinking wine, and sharing stories. In short, a wonderful evening with great friends.


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One Response to This is me not talking about the wedding

  1. sowninpeace says:

    Hay there, fist off thanks for stopping in to Rogue pastry chef, second i totally get this. My husband and i went through this same thing the year we got married. I worked 1pm to 10pm and he worked 7am till 2pm we never saw eachother except to kiss goodnight. that mixed with life drama was alot. But we are here 8 yrs later and 2 adopted kids 🙂 during that time we had to plan datenights …so unromantic planning but it gave us something to look forward to And the day of the wedding came and went…a few glitches like we walked home from the reception and we didnt cut the cake….but in the end its a memory you never forget and you laugh….just breath, eat and if you have the chance to sit out or dance ….dance….(that was my mothers wedding song)

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