How many mountains did we drive through?

Five states, four tunnels, three stops, two soy chai lattes – and we are one day closer to getting married. We got in last night in relatively good time. The trip went well, although by the time we got to Ohio I felt antsy and wanted to be done with the driving. The 11 hour drive ended up being a long meditation on marriage. We talked about our careers, where we want to live, what we’re looking forward to the most this weekend, and so much more.

After being here for over a day now, one thing is clear. Justin is sick. In a sense, it’s taken the pressure off of the wedding for me (and maybe for him too). I never went into this with high expectations – thinking that the day would be perfect or it would be a fairy tale. Instead I looked forward to a day where we would be surrounded by friends and family and could celebrate our love. And who cares what color the linens are? Ok, so I cared a little bit about that, but only until I found out that they came at a higher price and then downgraded us!

Slowly our families and friends are trickling in – and it’s getting to the point where our phones are buzzing on a regular basis. I cannot wait for tomorrow when the digital buzz will be heard in the reception hall.


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Writing, cooking, and eating in Brooklyn.
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