Impatience and baking

By the time I finished the apple bread last night, I was already done writing about dinner. I think my time limit on cooking is three hours. After that amount of time, I’m no longer interested in waiting for something to cool.

And that’s what I didn’t do. I didn’t wait for the sugar-butter-cider mixture to cool before adding in the sifted powdered sugar. There were two issues here: first, I don’t have a sifter, and secondly, I don’t care. I sifted as much as I could by using the world’s smallest sieve (it fits, literally, about two tablespoons of sugar in it before it’s too much) before I said screw it, and forced some through the sieve with the back of a wooden spoon, and then finally dumped it all in. I whisked furiously, tossed the pot into the fridge, and waited ten minutes. When I took it out, it was still dark in color, but thicker, so I drizzled it onto the loaves with a tablespoon.

I don’t own mini-loaf pans, so I made two in ceramic dishes and one in a regular loaf pan. They look great and I can’t wait to share them with my brother and sister-in-law who live a few blocks away. Maybe they don’t look quite like the ones in the photo, but they taste great and that’s all that matters to me now. When I finally buckle down and take some pastry classes, I may be forced to sing a different tune.

Caramel-Glazed Honey Crisp Apple Bread


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5 Responses to Impatience and baking

  1. sowninpeace says:

    I had to laugh about your seive experiance, i was soooo not a fan of sieves either. ( and i think by the size of yours its actually a tea strainer but use whatcha got eh?) Then my mother “blessed” me with all her old i mean old kitchen gadects as an inheritance. I love my flour seive now. Nothing like the old crake style flour sifters. The second thing seives do (the purpose) is to make the cake lighter then it already is…it adds air into the flour before you add liquid….kinnda like meriange. Some things like sponge you can really notice the differance others it wont really matter. Anyway glad your cake turned out it sounds great!

    • ania says:

      Haha — it is indeed a tea strainer! While I understand their usefulness, I think that I bake so rarely, that I get a little annoyed with the process. I’m sure if I had a proper flour sifter like you do, that I wouldn’t care quite so much!

      • sowninpeace says:

        I take the cook book as the priates take the code “guidlines really” it eases the tension….And you have to set the mood to cook too if your need to relax have the right music etc. Your food will be a reflection of how you are….I have been royaly ticked and have things turn out horrible thean again i have piled things in a bowl with relaxing music and have it work out . It helps to know the chemistry of baking too there is s lil science (Alton Brown is great one for that) but mostly an art and their is no wrong way to cook just taste prefered. Your blessing your husband with great food đŸ™‚

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  3. Victoria says:

    I have the worst patience in the kitchen. So glad to have a husband who does!

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