The Weekend Montage

We are so lucky to have survived the hurricane relatively unscathed. The worst parts were some flooding in the bedroom and a leaky gallon of water under the sink. You’d think with that with living on the seventh floor that we’d be immune to flooding, but somehow water came up through the floor, causing the tiles to bubble up. As for the leaky gallon – well, let’s just say that my better half thoughtfully removed it from the closet but forgot to empty it before relocating it.

The cheeseboard at the Halloween party – with some amazing olives in the background!

Of course this created a snag in some of the cooking. On Saturday we were busy babysitting our nephew, went to a wedding, and finished the night off with a great halloween party. Our friends served an array of snacks – some of which I had more than I should have. I don’t usually eat potato chips but if you put out a bowl of them, I will go into a dark place and eat them all.

The potato chips in question – before I got to them

We skipped out on the farmer’s market over the weekend due to a lack of time, and figured that our CSA (Lancaster Farm Fresh)would start today. Unfortunately due to the hurricane, the farmers that we are working with were hit pretty hard, so this week’s pick-up was cancelled. It’s an unfortunate situation because I’d love to have some delicious squash to be cooking, but I realize that this is what reality is. When a hurricane comes, we all suffer.

Instead I finally got to use the KitchenAid mixer this weekend. I had purchased a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat Bread Mix and decided to make that. I always forget how long the cycle of letting dough rise, then be pounded, then rise again takes – but I got an early enough start that we had a fresh loaf by late afternoon. I served up two slices, still a little warm, with Earth Balance and some of the peach jam from the wedding. A simple but delicious dessert.

KitchenAid Mixer

And finally, I never got to mention this, but I signed up to be a recipe tester for an upcoming cookbook. Joni Marie Newman from Just the Food asked for people to sign up. The book is going to be a fusion style – with a strong focus on fresh, whole foods. I know that I can’t post any of the recipes, but I want to say that I am so thrilled with the two I have tried so far. There’s a great sauce and a slaw that I’ve been making for tacos all week – and cannot get enough of the flavors. This has been a very new experience for me, and I’m happy to take part in such an exciting venture with someone else. It’s low pressure for me – no anxiety about producing a cookbook, but I get to enjoy all of her labor. Well, and mine too.

Tacos with Spicy Sauce and Cabbage Slaw



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