In which we bypassed Thanksgiving

After talking about not really cooking for a few days, I actually did spend almost a week without cooking. On Tuesday morning we left for our honeymoon, and thanks to an all-inclusive resort, I had no reason to think about what to cook.

This was not as liberating as I would have thought it would be. By the end I found myself craving greens and some fresh, organic produce. I wistfully thought of the CSA carrots, cauliflower, and squash left at home. When we got back a few hours ago, I found that most of it was still in tact. Sure, the squash was a bit moldy and the celery was a bit wilted. But I quickly got to work.

Ordering dinner that is. While navigating the long line at immigration, then customs, then walking passed another extremely long line for taxis, I realized I didn’t want to cook just yet. In fact, I was a little afraid that the state of the fridge would have been worse than I found it. As we waited to dinner to be delivered, I chopped up two onions, a few carrots, most of the celery, and tossed it into a pot to cook briefly before adding salt and water to start a vegetable broth.

It was a slow start, but I’m looking forward to being back at home and cooking my own meals.

The only food photo I took the entire time – a snack while at Tulum


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Writing, cooking, and eating in Brooklyn.
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