The Year in Review – or Let’s Start Baking

I missed out on all of the “2012 in Review” posts that seem obligatory when you run a blog. The end of the year came and went in a haze – the haze being my eyes glazing over while playing Civilization on my computer a little bit too long. It was a welcome break after a hectic end of the year. Between being out of work for almost a week due to that food poisoning (or what I now think was that) and trying to wrap up everything before the office close, I was looking forward to some time to unplug.

After the initial vegetable phase of being on break, I started cooking. I baked tarts to share with friends and family, made faux-Indian food, and drank a lot of cider. In between, I ran errands with my husband (a term that I am still getting used to). I don’t know if it was the changing of the calendar that prompted this, or just the fact that we finally had more than two days with each other, but we spent a lot of time talking about our plans as a couple and individually.

There is an inherent magic to the calendar year changing. The way that the trees blossoming and later the leaves falling causes wonder, the change from one year to the next lends itself to making resolutions and cleaning. For as many people who make resolutions, there are just as many who say they are not a fan of resolutions. I am normally a part of the latter group. Yet this year, I find myself drawn to making some resolutions.

Am I over a week late to making a resolution? Maybe the “Resolution” purists would string me up – but after a week of meditation, I finally feel ready to commit to some new goals. Maybe I won’t always spend ten minutes cleaning up daily, but I’d like to try. But more importantly I’d also like to plan time for the Julia recipes. As I’ve been reading the Bob Spitz biography, I’ve felt myself reflecting on how my life is similar (and dissimilar) to Julia’s. Neither of us were that committed to our studies in college, nor did we find our life path immediately. Instead of making a beeline for a career or a partner, I found myself adrift after college too – unsure of what my next step should be. Now it has been almost seven years since I ventured beyond the red brick wall (a number I am shocked to realize) and I feel that I have landed on my feet.

I am looking forward to a year full of cooking and baking, and renewing my commitment to a more vegan diet than I had last year. I cannot wait to experiment with different methods to make delicious vegan desserts – and I hope that I have some successes to share with the few readers on this blog.

In all the glory - serving up a chocolate coconut tart (or rather, trying to fix the crust!)

In all my glory – serving up a chocolate coconut tart (or rather, trying to fix the crust!)

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