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The Cabbage Solution

The cabbage question hasn’t fully been answered yet. Partly because we had fallen behind, but also because we were being delivered kimchee on a regular basis by my brother and sister-in-law. So not only have we been trying to our … Continue reading

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Can someone else stir for a minute?

I didn’t even really know what lemon curd was until I actually made it today. Sure, I’ve seen it in the grocery store and always wondered what it was doing there, tucked amongst the various jellies and jams. When it … Continue reading

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Perpetual Change

One of the things that I’ve been hesitant to really delve into has been my actual diet these past few weeks and how it has been changing. I’d like to dwell more on the vegetable-eating portion of it, but there … Continue reading

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Don’t cry over spilled milk

I forget some of the hilarious moments that accompany this project after the fact. When I made the scalloped potatoes, I wanted to go for a nice presentation and grabbed a springform pan from the cupboard. After all of the … Continue reading

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New year, old recipe

I ended the year by making seitan for the first time in almost a year. The last time I made it was for the Superbowl, and the fake-wings I was making came out too crunchy and rather tough. I used … Continue reading

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Is that lemon I taste?

My last meal was a gyro at the local diner in New Jersey over thirteen years ago. I don’t remember what the meat tasted like, but I loved the smack of yogurt sauce in the sandwich. It’s been another thirteen … Continue reading

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Reinventing the Happy Meal

Working for those two weeks ate up a lot of my time.I know that I’ve been playing it safe regarding the recipes I’ve chosen up until this point. The latest one is no different: ratatouille. At the least, I figured … Continue reading

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