Don’t forget the egg whites!

I have some food catching up to do. It did take a few days longer than I would have liked, but I made a full recovery from my illness last week. The downside was that I barely got any cooking done all of last week, and even struggled to motivate over the weekend. After a week of laying in bed watching Netflix, I think I came down with a small case of cabin fever and mainly wanted to get out and do some stuff. We spent the weekend at the Brooklyn Museum and babysitting our nephew.

I can’t believe it has been over two weeks since we got back from Mexico. I know I have complained about the chore of cooking through our CSA box before, but the one thing I have not really struggled with has been how to cook the eggs. That is until we got back from Mexico and suddenly had two dozen eggs. Could I have spent the entire weekend baking delicacies? Maybe – but I am still testing the water with baking, so I decided to make a frittata. Without consulting any recipes.

I do not recommend you do this. Or if you do, just remember that there is a reason why you should use eggs along with egg whites. Egg whites are key to making your frittata light and fluffy.

The finished Product

The finished Product

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Food, interrupted

It’s nearly impossible to write about food when you’re stuck at home with a stomach virus. I spent the past two days living in bed, followed by stints on the couch. I’ve eaten three cans of Amy’s No-Chicken Noodle Soup and five french fries in that time. My last meal was a can of vegetable soup, which I think stayed in my stomach without moving for over twelve hours.

The Diet of the Sick - seriously, this stuff is amazing.

The Diet of the Sick – seriously, this stuff is amazing.


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The comeback meal

I know you’re all waiting with bated breath to hear what happened to my vegetable broth. Being the lazy cook that I am, I let the broth sit out on the stove overnight. In the morning I packed it up into the fridge, still wondering what to do with it that night. I spent a few minutes before leaving work looking for a good recipe, including a few which included pesto on top of a soup.

This summer I had purchased a basil plant at the farmer’s market, which has been growing like crazy. The rate at which it’s growing is such that I have a hard time making enough items with it to let me feel productive. [I know that the answer here is to just make and freeze some pesto, but it’s been nice to see the plant blooming so well.] One of the recipes that came to mind was ThePPK’s pesto soup with gnocchi, beans, and greens – something I have been eyeballing for a while but hesitant to try. What I ended up making a vegetable soup with beans and a dollop of pesto was like a starter to this soup. As soon as I either make some gnocchi or find some vegan ones, this will be at the top of my list.

The PPK - Pesto Soup with Gnocchi, Beans & Greens

Photograph: The PPK’s – Pesto Soup with Gnocchi, Beans & Greens

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In which we bypassed Thanksgiving

After talking about not really cooking for a few days, I actually did spend almost a week without cooking. On Tuesday morning we left for our honeymoon, and thanks to an all-inclusive resort, I had no reason to think about what to cook.

This was not as liberating as I would have thought it would be. By the end I found myself craving greens and some fresh, organic produce. I wistfully thought of the CSA carrots, cauliflower, and squash left at home. When we got back a few hours ago, I found that most of it was still in tact. Sure, the squash was a bit moldy and the celery was a bit wilted. But I quickly got to work.

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A week of not cooking

I have been having a hard time cooking this week. After a marathon session of cooking through the CSA items on Sunday (rutabaga, sweet potato kugel, turnips, and more), I had to put it all aside on Monday. Our friends took us out to celebrate the wedding and I got to experience my first meal at a Michelin star restaurant. We had an amazing vegetarian meal at Dovetail -and spent most of Tuesday both slightly hungover and basking in the afterglow of truffles.

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An extra hour for baking

On Sunday I woke up full of energy. Maybe it was the extra hour of sleep I had gotten (theoretically), but I was still up by 730am – and I was ready to cook. I used the recipe from Smitten Kitchen for Buttermilk Chive biscuits, only without the buttermilk or the chives. It was the first recipe for drop biscuits that I could easily find, so I adapted as I went along. Within 30 minutes I had breakfast ready, complete with fresh biscuits.

Forming the biscuits – a little crudely!

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Holiday Cooking

It started. A few weeks ago the latest copy of VegNews magazine arrived – the infamous holiday issue with pages and pages of Thanksgiving recipes. Then Pinterest turned into a veritable holiday spread. All of the food blogs are talking about sweet potatoes and pies. I can’t get enough of it.

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