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That’s a lot of tart

The holidays are, perhaps obviously, always a busy time. This was the first year where I felt more like a grown-up, responsible for bringing a dish or two. We managed to wiggle our way out of hosting any meals ourselves, … Continue reading

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Where cooking and horses collide.. and not in that way!

Five years ago I did the unthinkable. I quit my job and moved into the loft of a barn. I had just accepted a job working for a horseback riding trainer. I was excited to leave my first office job … Continue reading

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Disappointment: The name of the game

Disappointment is taking out your brand new Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, plugging it in, and realizing that the recipe you are about to make needs to be hand-mixed. We just got the mixer as a wedding gift, and it’s clearly a … Continue reading

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This is me not talking about the wedding

I started a few posts this week with complete determination to hit “publish” by the end of the day. I’m fairly certain that two of these are open as tabs on my work computer right now. I hope IT isn’t … Continue reading

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How to follow instructions – sort of

I am going to ignore the four or five posts I have pending that talk more about the wedding. The main point that all of them revolve around is the fact that there is less than a month left of … Continue reading

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A season of jam, finished!

Wedding blogs have (for the most part) done nothing but inspire me to craft or spend insane amounts of money on inane items. The only thing I have crafted has been the jam. And I can’t seem to wrap my … Continue reading

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A special meal

The internet is atwitter today as it would have been Julia’s 100th birthday.¬†One of my favorite stores, Fish’s Eddy, is hosting a give away for some Julia-inspired items (I’m not linking to it, as I’m desperately selfish and would love … Continue reading

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