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That’s a lot of tart

The holidays are, perhaps obviously, always a busy time. This was the first year where I felt more like a grown-up, responsible for bringing a dish or two. We managed to wiggle our way out of hosting any meals ourselves, … Continue reading

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‘Chicken’ Breasts with Mushroom and Cream Sauce

I am not always an organized cook. Sometimes I’m in a rush and I just take things out randomly, moving more by intuition than by any sort of recipe. That was not the case when I embarked upon a new … Continue reading

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Guess what!

After a fairly crappy day at work, I got an email from Fish’s Eddy saying that I won the Julia Child 100th Birthday Giveaway! I’m so excited and happy – and am definitely making the same face that Julia is … Continue reading

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A special meal

The internet is atwitter today as it would have been Julia’s 100th birthday.¬†One of my favorite stores, Fish’s Eddy, is hosting a give away for some Julia-inspired items (I’m not linking to it, as I’m desperately selfish and would love … Continue reading

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In which I contemplate the project

A month ago I sat at my desk at work and knew I was going to get fired. Five minutes later, I learned that I had a month left in what may have been the cheeriest talk about being laid … Continue reading

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